Local Industrial Strategy

Our compelling case to government about how we can make the most of our distinctive strengths and opportunities to raise productivity in our economy.

The Local Industrial Strategy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is built on evidence of our county’s distinctiveness and future opportunities for economic development, jobs and wages growth. It has been developed in partnership with government and sets out a compelling case for Cornwall and Scilly to both government and private sector potential future investors and sets out how we can help contribute to national ambitions and address national challenges.


In 2017 government published a national Industrial Strategy with an aim to boost productivity by backing businesses to create good jobs and increase the earning power of people throughout the UK with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure. In 2018 all LEP areas in England were invited to work in partnership with government to develop Local Industrial Strategies, which would be developed locally and agreed with government.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (CIoS) Industrial Strategy is built upon the ambitions and priorities identified in the current Strategic Economic Plan for CIoS (Vision 2030) and the more recent 10 Opportunities document. It aligns with key local policies including the Great South West prospectus, Britain’s Leading Edge and New Frontiers, our future devolution programme.

The CIoS Industrial Strategy has been developed by the CIoS LEP in collaboration with local partners and stakeholders, and reflects shared ambitions for the future of the CIoS economy. It has been built on a robust and open evidence base that can be used as a live document for all stakeholders in conversation with government, and for decision making around investments and the economy in the future.

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Building on our vision

The Local Industrial Strategy for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly builds on the research and successful interventions from Vision 2030, to the 10 Opportunities and research into Human Centred Space. 

Many of the themes have continued, with projects and interventions in line with their vision resulting in real impact which the Local Industrial Strategy will continue to build upon.


10 Opportunities

Vision 2030




In 2030 the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly creative and carbon-neutral economy will be realising opportunities for its people, communities and businesses to thrive, benefiting the environment and providing an outstanding quality of life for all.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are rich in natural capital and alive with opportunity. We must now move beyond the economy of the past, where a narrow definition of growth led to an imbalance between our natural and material resources, and between the income levels of our resident population. By mobilising our considerable cultural assets and social capital, our aim is to realise our region’s full potential and deliver inclusive growth.

Our Industrial Strategy sets a course for a decarbonised and sustainable future for business, for people and for our environment. Our pioneering spirit, strength of community, and culture of innovation and creativity will take us there. We will look to the horizon in terms of ideas, global markets and even the potential of space to fully embrace the principles of a regenerative economy that can deliver for all. People are at the heart of our strategy; improvements to our economy must be inclusive and will have a net-positive impact on the environment, and the health and wellbeing of all our community.

Through the delivery of the Local Industrial Strategy, we aim to secure Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s position as an internationally renowned rural creative region.