Assurance Framework

LEP Chair and CEO Local Assurance Statement

You can view our Governance Assurance Statement here.

Assurance Framework

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP currently follows an assurance framework which guides local decision making to support accountability, transparency and value for money.

Our framework follows national guidelines, practices and standards.

The National Assurance Framework can be found here

The framework document covers all funding programmes including the Local Growth Fund, and ensures we have robust value for money processes in place.

Download a copy of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Assurance Framework here.

Any enquiries relating to the Framework should be directed to the LEP Executive Team.



Please see below a list of associated appendices for the LEP Assurance framework.


Appendix 1: LEP, CC and IOS MOU

Appendix 2: CIoS LEP Board Recruitment Policy

Appendix 3: CIoS LEP Remuneration Policy

Appendix 4: CIoS LEP Conflict of Interest Policy

Appendix 5: CIoS LEP Expenses & Hospitality Policy

Appendix 6: CIoS LEP Governance and Reporting 2022

Appendix 7: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Nominations Committee

Appendix 8: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Audit & Assurance Committee

Appendix 9: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Enterprise Zones Board

Appendix 10: EZ Growth Fund – Investment Policy

Appendix 11: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Investment & Oversight Panel

Appendix 12: Terms of Reference Employment and Skills Board

Appendix 13: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Space Industry Advisory Group

Appendix 14: Terms of Reference CIoS LEP Communications Advisory Group

Appendix 15: Project Lifecycle v2

Appendix 16: Expression of Interest Form February 2019

Appendix 17: Application Form 2018 template

Appendix 18: Business Case Guidance

Appendix 19: Growth Deal Generic Grant Funding Agreement

Appendix 20: GD Progress and Claim Form template

Appendix 21: Dashboard Template

Appendix 22: Award of Public Funds Non-Compliance

Appendix 23: Local Growth Fund Project Change Request

Appendix 24: CIoS LEP Growth Deal Output and Outcome Measures