Cornwall is a region known for its natural beauty, but it is also a powerhouse for green innovation.

Its geology makes it the perfect location for deep geothermal energy, and its deep waters and winds create the opportunity for Floating Offshore Wind. From data and space to renewables and geo-resources, read more below on why Cornwall is leading the way in the green industrial revolution.


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Data & Space

Exploiting the unique physical, digital and intellectual assets in the region, and using data to overcome local and global challenges.

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Clean Energy Resources

Capitalising on our unrivalled natural resources; leading innovation in floating offshore wind (FLOW) and deep geothermal.

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Geo Resources

Harnessing our expertise as well as the critical minerals necessary for the low- carbon transition, in a sustainable way.

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Digital & Tech

From developments in agri-tech evolving farming processes and impact to immersive visitor experiences.

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